efficient preparation for driving


efficient preparation for driving

The NavSim simulator was developed as a supporting application to increase the comfort and safety of train drivers.

About NavSim app

The NavSim driving simulator is an extension of "navigation for drivers". NavSim serves not only to train new drivers, but also helps experienced drivers to navigate the changes in guidelines elements on rails they have not driven for a long time. In this way, it makes a major contribution to increased safety in railway operation and to reducing the stress load on drivers.

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Railway simulator helps beginners and experienced drivers.

Quick route setup according to guidelines or timetable and selection of the section

Values from Table 9 displays current values and changes

Selection of guidelines for simulation compares past, current and future guidelines

Advantages of NavSim

Visualization of rigid tables and route display in the map.

Incomparably higher level of preparation

Efficient training of new drivers.

Enhancing rail traffic safety.

Reduction of the stress level of drivers.

Helps eliminate accident costs.

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