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Train navigation is heading to the locomotives of the Slovak company LOKORAIL, a.s.

20. 2. 2024

Anticollision system NavSuite RCAS

warns agains colisions and simplifies train drivers' jobs

*RCAS – Railway Collision Avoidance System

Secondary security does not replace the European ETCS.

It focuses on the prevention of human error, the most common cause of accidents.

There is no expensive installation on the track, the train carries everything inside.

It will reduce the number of accidents on tracks that are not yet secure.

The system consists of 3 main parts


Brain of the system

Thanks to the brain of the whole system, the driver has in his field of vision only what he needs for the current section of track. He is alerted to critical points or imminent errors.


Heart of the system

You plug the heart of the system into the socket, connect it to the NavTrain via BlueTooth and you’re good to go. Thanks to its sensors and intelligence, it is resistant to the loss of signals from satellites and LTE *.

* In the future FRMCS – replacement of GSM-R


Eyes of the system

The intelligent evaluation analysis does not require data on the position of the train path from the infrastructure manager on monorails. And that’s where most accidents happen.

**RCAS – Railway Collision Avoidance System

NavSuite diagram

Technology for drivers - safety for all

Safety proven in aviation and transport

Rapid deployment in the Czech Republic, expansion into the EU

Economic coverage of otherwise unsecured tracks

Development in cooperation with

We design the functions in cooperation with the members of the Federation of Train Drivers of the Czech Republic

Federace strojvůdců ČR

Deployed technologies


1 700 drivers of ČD Cargo

Precise navigation

Precise navigation system NavCom X

Database for audit, analytics and development – NavData

Preparing in 2022

Antikolizní systém

NavAlarm pilot deployment


NavTrain application for passenger drivers

Communication Train to Train pilot deployment

Crash Call Support – Accident Rescue

DPS – another version of the digital driver’s workplace

News thanks to data availability by the Railway Administration